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Yuwa uses girls’ team sports as a platform for social development in rural India. Yuwa operates in Jharkhand – one of the poorest, least literate, and most lawless regions of India. Here, girls are rarely given a chance to choose their own future. But the girls of Yuwa are rewriting their script—and it all starts with football.

When a girl organizes or joins a Yuwa team, through positive peer pressure she becomes a more regular student. Players elect team captains who keep track of school attendance, and many girls attend daily study sessions at Kicking It New School. She pays attention to her own health and to the health of her teammates. She marries when she chooses—she and her coaches meet her parents to discuss her options beyond an early marriage. She begins to take her future into her own hands.

Founded in 2009, Yuwa is now one of the largest girls’ football programs in India, with 250 players, 150 of whom practice daily. Over 600 girls have been members of Yuwa so far.  As a football club, Yuwa is one of the few teaching life skills, with a focus on positive coaching. As an NGO, Yuwa is the only sports for development organization in India with daily practices for all teams. What makes Yuwa different? Yuwa is absolutely local, with absolute ownership by girls and it’s absolutely fun! The result? Soaring growth, stunning attendance and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ by our players. Join the movement!

Yuwa, Non-Profit Corporation whose mission is to promote a youth-driven approach to community advancement in rural India.